Your Ideal Software Solutions

Take your company or community into overdrive with our stupidly fast software. Never worry about infrastructure or inexperienced developers again.



Stop spending countless hours worrying about your infrastructure and competition's features. We'll take you to the top.

We give you the building blocks for success.


Native High Availability

Our infrastructure is built on the backbone of enterprise service providers like AWS. Meaning you'll always get the highest quality when it comes to response time, automatic failover, and true 100% uptime.

Predictable Pricing

Stop worrying about budgeting. We work with you every step of the way with our simple, modular pricing. Pay as you go and keep your price forever. No bullshit.

Open Source

We want to give back to what makes us great in any way we can. Our goal is to give you the tools for success. Check back often on our Github to see what we're cooking.

Cloud Storage

The worst can come at any moment, which is why we use redundant enterprise cloud storage to ensure your data is never lost with us. Sleep safe and sound knowing your data is safe in our hands.

Private Forever

With private tunneling our databases are forever locked away from the dangerous outside world. We will never share or use your data.

Infinitely Scaling

With Quub you wont ever have to think about being bottle-necked by how many clients you have. On demand auto-scaling is our middle name.